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Car Accessories That Pay For Themselves by Maintaining

If you are like most people, it is imperative you have a car to get around each day. The importance of keeping your car maintained is something we all should focus on if we wish to get the most mileage from our automobile. There are some car accessories that will pay for themselves just by the owner doing their part and keeping the car maintained.

For instance, consider mud flaps for cars. They play a very important role in allowing the car to stay well maintained by protecting the rear fender as well as the tyres of the car. The importance of the tyres on any automobile can’t be underestimated because that is what allows the car to move.

Mud flaps for cars are a very inexpensive way to allow the car to stay well maintained by keeping all the dirt away from the tyres as well as the fenders of the vehicle. Also, you can eliminate gravel and other types of harmful material from hitting your tyres and car. This is of extreme importance for anyone that wishes to keep a car well maintained and running smoothly day after day.

It is also a great idea to remember the interior of your vehicle because doing so will certainly add to the value of the car. For instance, be certain you get the proper fitting floor mats to protect the interior floor of your car. Floor mats are very inexpensive and come in an array of colours to match precisely with the interior colour of your car. This will keep your car looking and feeling new as well as keeping the value of your car substantially higher.

Additionally, you will want to be certain you have seat covers if you wish to insure that your seats will not be ridden with dirt each and every time you get in and out of the car. There are various types of seat covers that are available in all types of colours when you simply take the time to find the one best suited to meet your needs. The seat cover can go a very long way in allowing your new or older car to look its best for a very long period of time.

All of these accessories will go the distance to allow your car to be well maintained and to not only drive the best but also to look its best. We all realise how expensive cars can be, from the initial cost to the monthly insurance premiums so it is crucial for our wallets to do all we can to keep the car as well maintained as possible and these few accessories will go a long way to making this happen.

Car Accessories Can Save You Money

Many think of car accessories as items that are only designed to make a vehicle look good. That is not entirely true. While many accessories do in fact help a vehicle to look good, there are a number of them that help to save vehicle owners money in the long run. Those accessories can help to protect the engine, interior and exterior of a car and not only improve its performance and safety, but add years to the life of a car as well. The accessory can be something as simple as rubber car floor mats or car LED bulbs or as complex as special shock absorbers and engine or transmission treatments.

Almost everyone knows that guy who gets every car accessory as soon as they become available he is at the auto parts store buying them. What many people fail to realize is those accessories depending on which ones they are, can go a long way towards helping the vehicle last longer and perform better. There are products which lubricate engine parts and help them to last longer. There are accessories which can help the transmission. Seat covers are accessories which can help protect car seats and helps cars to remain comfortable and hold their value in terms of their appearance.

Many people might scoff at car floor mats as an accessory which can save people money in the long run. But the condition of the carpets in a car is important to its appearance and its resale value. Having car mats professionally cleaned or even replaced can cost a scandalous amount of money. With that understanding one can clearly see the real value of those extra floor mats in your vehicle to maintain their long term value. But that is not the only seemingly simple car accessory which can save people money. Car LED bulbs last longer and burn brighter than standard bulbs. Over the lifetime of a car that can add up to many bulb replacements adding to your service charges.

Bed liners are another of the accessories of which people often do not realize the true value. Bed liners placed in the bed of pick-up trucks protect the bed of the trucks from dents and scrapes. Left unprotected those dents and scrapes can lead to rust and deterioration. Repairing or replacing it costs a lot of money. Far more than the cost of the bed liner and this one of the main reasons this is an accessory which most people get as a matter of course.

While for most people car accessories are about style, in truth they can also be focused on driver safety and adding value to a vehicle. When people invest in car accessories that they are buying for purely style like alloys it can be a mistake financially but accessories which are a combination of style and substance can be a very sound investment on the resale value of your vehicle. It is a great investment which can pay dividends for years to come.

Car Accessory Options

Breaking from the common mold seems to be the trend for quite a number of car owners these days. Impelled by hit shows like Pimp My Ride, owners of nondescript cars are getting their rides major revamps in the aesthetics and performance departments. Car owners who have the need for speed but can’t get past 60 mph resort to getting racing-themed custom seat covers with matching truck floor mats.

As car technology advances, car makers are making headway in giving people the option to choose from cars with regular features such as an SUV with stock SUV seat covers or those with installed accessories in addition to the standard packages. Even a truck loaded with customized interiors pales in comparison to one fitted with a whole slew of accessories and features.

Jeep, one of the world’s most famous SUV makers, gives its customers the choice to design and customize certain aspects of their SUVs according to their exact specifications; these aspects range from SUV seat covers to body paint to additional headlamps and tents that can be connected to the rear end of the vehicles. Chevrolet, another car maker with an outstanding lineup of SUVs, also presents their customers the option to install accessories such as seats with custom seat covers, various types of air conditioning systems, and anti-theft security systems.

Of course, the additional car accessories and features mean additional numbers on the price tag. A potential car buyer should weigh the need for an additional car accessory or feature before having it installed by the car maker. Otherwise, the car buyer might be faced with a price that is beyond their budget.

However, there are some accessories and features that some experts believe car makers should install in each of their vehicles so that drivers have the luxury and conveniences necessary for getting around in any town. These are:

o USB Ports
o Integrated live traffic reporting
o LCD screens for movie watching (and of course, in-car DVD systems)
o Blind Spot Warning devices and systems
o Satellite radio

Certain people will prefer more of the above features than others; while others can go without. However, the following accessory options are making waves in today’s innovative car accessory trends:

o Built-in iPod adapter – perfect for those who want to drive with their iPods providing some music. This feature is available in recent models from Audi, BMW, Chrysler, and Honda to name a few.

o Sound controls on the steering wheel – no more does the driver have to struggle with other passengers with regards to what’s playing on the radio or from the music player. With controls neatly placed in the steering wheel, the driver is really in control. Car makers Jeep, Suzuki, Subaru, and Jaguar among others offer this feature.
o Blind spot warning systems – very useful in terms of keeping the car and its passengers out from harm’s way. Sadly, only two car makers — Volvo and Audi — offer this optional feature in their cars.
o Bluetooth Cell Systems – almost all cars employ this latest innovation of wireless connection among wireless devices, even down to the lowly Nissan Versa.

Car Accessories

Not too many years ago, the hottest car accessories consisted of eight-track players and stick-on dash compasses. Those days are thankfully long gone, and even if you drive a vintage vehicle, you don’t need to settle for vintage accessories. You can outfit any vehicle to meet your particular wants and needs. But heed the warnings below.

The modern automobile is light years away from a simple means of getting from A to B. Today’s cars and trucks serve as mass transit systems for carpooling entire departments, recreational centers for road-weary children, and portable offices for mobile executives. These changing times have brought about the demand for more gadgets and gizmos to ensure a comfortable and productive trip; from coffee cup warmers and tiger seat covers to video game portals and DVD players.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is one of the most impressive examples of modern mobile gadgetry. A GPS system allows users to view local maps and receive accurate directions. They are priceless for fast-moving professionals needing to navigate urban city streets, and wanderlust-stricken travelers love them, too.

Cars and trucks have taken the leap from luxury to necessity for many professionals and hobbyists, so manufacturers have worked hard to meet the changing needs of drivers. A large selection of accessories is available to suit drivers of all types of cars. The market has become flooded with accessories and it’s not always easy to know what’s best, or even what’s necessary.

Here are some tips about what to look for, and which duds to avoid:

Know Your Needs versus Your Wants

Research is the key to making any successful purchase. First, find out what you need, and then go shopping for the best price. The Internet is a great research tool, with instant access to countless online articles, user forums, and product comparisons. You can also purchase virtually every type of car accessory online. Bidding on Internet auctions is a great way to find quality products at low prices. You can often save money shopping online because Internet marketers have lower overhead. With no retail rental fees and fewer expenses, these sellers can offer lower prices.

Shop and Compare

Once you know exactly what you want and need, it does pay to shop around. The huge demand for quality automotive accessories has created an ever-expanding market. Compare prices at several outlets, including smaller stores, and don’t be afraid to haggle for the best deal. This won’t always work, but is worth a try.

Get a Second Opinion

At the end of the day, every retailer is out to make a buck or two. But some vendors will try to cash in big time, by overwhelming you with slick pitches and a huge repertoire of brand names. In the end, shoppers purchase items they really don’t need. Be prepared with the information you need before you visit the store, and don’t fall for the retailer’s pushy sales tactics. Ask other car owners about accessories they’ve purchased. Read industry magazines and research online. Shop around to compare features, quality and prices. Some smart comparative information today can save you a lot of money down the road.

Avoid the Add-Ons

Would you like fries with that? Supersize? Encouraging buyers to take additional accessories is one of the oldest sales and marketing tricks in the book. You’ve been pressured to buy a belt when you pick up a new pair of pants, and the same tactic is often used in the car accessories market. A retailer may tell you that you really need a neon green GPS cover, but of course it’s not true. Ask you friends and speak with a trusted mechanic who is familiar with car accessories. Use these reliable opinions to decide what you should, and what you shouldn’t, buy.

Satisfaction Should be Guaranteed

Regardless of what type of product you buy, you should be aware of the basic warranty details before making the purchase. Understand the retailer’s return or replacement policy, just in case the accessory malfunctions, fails to meet your expectations or simply doesn’t work with your vehicle.

Look Before You Buy

Take advantage of any opportunity to inspect the product before agreeing to buy it. This is not an option with Internet purchases, of course, so be sure that you’re dealing with a reputable online dealer. Some retail stores will ask you to sign the receipt stating that the product is in good condition upon purchase, and doing so may result in the waiving of your right for return if the product is indeed damaged.

First Quality OEM

Opt for OEM or “Original Equipment Manufactured” car and truck accessories whenever possible. This usually ensures that the quality is first-rate and the warranty will provide purchase protection.

Car accessories make driving more convenient and can greatly impact your safety while on the road. Be prudent in your choice of what to buy and where to shop. It’s not only smart, it can also be safer in the long run, so don’t base your entire decision on price alone. Safety concerns should always come first, and quality should not be compromised for the sake of a good deal.